Helping each other tread the Earth softly...

After my evening walk with my friend Linda Friday evening, we stopped at Yogurtland in Hollywood Riviera to replenish those calories we just expended.  I was pleased to see that they use compostable spoons. 11/29/2018 UPDATE: Oh no! Just viewed this BuzzFeed video on compostable plastics. The GOOD news – made from plant material, not […]

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Lush in Del Amo with manager Dominique and Ashari

My nephew is coming into town, so I’ve moved what’s left of my bottled shampoo and conditioner to the guest bathroom. I now have a good excuse to buy my first bottle-free shampoo – a good way to reduce plastic usage. I read Suzan’s review on Lush shampoo bar and headed over to Del Amo […]

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