This is not a topic many like to talk about, but I am looking into options for when I leave mother earth.

For a long time, I considered cremation because “it took less space”, but then I learned about the toxins emitted into the air.

I had also toyed with the idea of having my remains put under intense pressure, to then be transformed into a synthetic diamond. But I didn’t like the idea that, perhaps, I’d be lost under the bed one day among the dust bunnies..

A few years ago, I learned of another option I am seriously considering: composting.

There may be others, but the firm I’ve started to look into is located in Seattle and called Recompose. They offer a respectful laying-in ceremony. The family chooses how their finished soil is to be used, returned or used.

The other back-to-earth option I read about is using a mycelium coffin. Of course, you’ll need to find a location will allow it to be buried there. Read more about this option here.