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Take-Home Containers

Keep this metal divided container with plastic lid in my car’s glove box so if out eating and have leftovers I want to take home, I don’t need to ask for a doggie bag, which is often styrofoam or plastic.  The only downside is me – forget to bring it into restaurant with me.

Reusable Produce Bags

These are really good. They’re mesh, so they’re breathable, and the fabric is double-thickness, so they’re also durable. This is the set of seven multi-size bags, so some are the right size for just one tomato, but others would fit a head of lettuce or a bunch of potatoes, but this seller also makes sets […]

Waxed Food Wrap

These waxed food wraps are a great alternative to using  plastic wrap and plastic baggies for food. You can re-use them many times. According to Etee, from whom I got mine, on average, each sheet should get about 120 – 150 uses.  I like them, but you do have to wash them (in cold water) […]

Bamboo Utensils Travel Set

I always carry my bamboo utensils (its own purple carrying case) in my purse. Whenever I go to a faster food restaurant or do an event that use  plasticware, I pull out my own utensils.  After use, I just wipe off food with a napkin, put them back in the case and wash them off […]

World Centric

World Centric makes single use plates, bowls, spoons, forks and cups from 70% non-GMO corn and 30% talc. No petroleum is used thus when you throw them away they are completely compostable. The cutlery converts to soil within 3-6 months in a commercial composting system. I expect it takes a bit longer in home compost. […]

Twist Loofah Sponges

These are the best sponges and they are environmentally friendly. They are made with natural, unbleached cellulose, 100% plant based with a loofah scrubby. You can sterilize them on the top shelf of the dishwasher or soak them in boiling water. There is no glue, they are hand sewn and they are dye free. I […]

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