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Bite Toothpaste Bits Bite re-invented toothpaste let’s you toss the unrecycling tube your toothpaste usually comes in! It’s the plastic-free way to brush your teeth.  Available in automatically shipped subscription – comes in a glass bottle, packed in a cardboard box. Not as bubbly as regular toothpaste, but I like it a lot.  My son, not as […]

Who Gives a Crap TP Toilet paper comes in a choice of 100% recycled or 100% made from fast-growing bamboo. No more trees chopped down to clean your bum. Packaged plastic-free too – in fun colorful paper – re-use for gift wrapping paper for your open-minded friends. 50% of profits donated to help build toilets. While I love the […]

Green Forest TP

100% recycled bathroom tissue. Contains 90% Post-consumer recycled content.  Whitened without chlorine. Subscription delivery available. $39.76 for 48 rolls.  $1.99 discount applicable if you Subscribe. Amazon offered both New and USED toilet paper – I opted for NEW 😉

Lush Shampoo

Lush creates an assortment of beauty products, with an environmental conscience, for men and women. The photo shows shampoo and conditioner. These are solid bars sold in paper bags. For a few dollars ($2-3) you can purchase reusable aluminum tins as containers. They also make moisturizer in bars. I love Lush products. I have never […]

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