How to Contribute Product Suggestions to Tread Softly

To add products and review, please submit your review of product you have used via the form below.

We will review your submission to be sure it is not a duplicate and to ensure it is not SPAM. Once approved, we will add it to our site. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience for others that are trying to Tread more Softly.

We ask your patience in responding as this is grassroots, volunteer-run.

*NOTE: Advertisers or product manufacturers are not allowed as Community Members to prevent biased reviews.  If you would like to inform Tread Softly of your product, please contact us directly to discuss.


Please submit your product review. Once we approved it, we will add it to our site. Thank you for sharing with our neighbors that are trying to make the planet greener — and bluer. Let’s all tread more softly.

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